IT Security & Identity Access Management


Security Analysis and Recommendations

We take a holistic approach to improving your security status, thus also offering a “bird's eye view”. Our experienced IT security experts analyze your current situation and offer advice on possible adjustments. The goal is always to improve your security and to simplify the work of your team by balancing people, processes and technology. In the area of IT security consulting, we consider your environment from all perspectives, that means besides access control and considering the use of your environment (Who has access to which systems and when?), we also analyze the possibilities of access control managed by an Identity & Access Management System.

Identity & Access Management as Part of Your IT Security

In today’s heterogeneous systems with various authorization systems, Identity & Access Management is a crucial component for the development of a secure IT infrastructure. Our IAM team provides individualized consulting to centralize the IAM infrastructure within your environment. Through our work with industry leading software manufacturers in this space, we saw a need for a centralized, preconfigured solution for small and medium sized organizations. We found customers who had similar requirements to large companies but did not have the budget to implement the enterprise IAM solutions. Therefore we developed a special solution called go:Identity.

IAM / CIAM / IoT Services

  • Planning, development and rollout of IAM solutions

  • From Junior to Architecture Consultants

  • Proprietary procedure to select and implement an IAM solution

  • Role based access control (RBAC) based on permissions and entitlements by role

  • Password Management, synchronization and SSO

  • Access governance

  • Enhancement of existing IAM solutions and policies

  • Authorization and Authentication

  • Customer IAM (CIAM) solutions

IT-Security Services

  • Security Analysis/ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Consulting, implementation and operation of leading Identity & Access Management (IAM) systems

  • Encryption solutions

  • Security assessments

  • Vulnerability checks

  • Internal and external penetration tests

  • Security recommendations

  • Security architecture engineering

  • Security solutions, implementation and operation

  • Consulting and implementation of SOC (Security Operation Center)

What sets us apart

The most important thing for a successful implementation is the human factor. We offer you a valuable combination of:

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