go:Roles – Role Management Simplified

An efficient solution to analyze entitlements and design roles

The Problem

Who owns which permissions? Why?
Today, in many organizations entitlements are assigned to users based on one’s best knowledge.
Even with an Identity and Access Governance solution in place, entitlements and permissions are presumably assigned without best practices.
Furthermore, some organizations have deployed role based access management based upon existing entitlements and permission assignments.
This situation results from uncontrolled growth over the years, which leads to data security risks.

The Challenge

Requirements from Management, Data Protection and Auditors
The introduction and deployment of a role based access concept is typicaly effective after golive.
In most cases are existing entitlements and permission assignments either revised superficially or transformed into business roles with a great deal of time and effort.
With these general assumptions, we are left asking how standard processes can be implemented in a simple and cost effective manner.
Constantly evolving regulatory requirements force reconsideration of legacy access assignment methods to a more flexible and agile role model concept.

Roles - A Definition

  • Roles are a logical reference between users and IT resources. A role defines tasks, properties and primarily permissions of a user
  • A role describes why certain resources are required
  • Instead of assigning permissions directly to a user, roles are defined to assign permissions to multiple users for the same purpose
  • Roles are defined and configured independent from users
  • Role management is essential to comply with the many regulations that manage governance and risk management
  • SoD (Segregation of Duties) Rules usually refer to functions or roles
  • Roles are required to improve administrative efficiency in access management
  • Roles are required to determine the responsibilities for certification of permissions
  • Roles are the basis for structured Identity and
    Access Governance

The Solution

A comprehensive, complete and centralized role management
go:Roles is a comprehensive tool to design, control and maintain business role models, which supports the concept of Identity and Access Governance (IAG).

During an initial permission and entitlement assignment analysis, go:Roles helps to prepare role modelling. Role modelling simplifies the introduction and ongoing operation of an IAG solution with role based access management.

go:Roles provides the foundation for Segregation of Duties (SoD). It is a stand-alone solution that can be implemented independently from any IAG solution.

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