go:Consumer: Consumer Identity Management

The customer takes center stage
Strengthen Brand Loyalty – Enhance the Customer Experience

The Problem

Transformation of digital presence into a focused product presentation
The traditional online presence of organizations (companies, agencies, associations, etc.) is transforming the way consumers are engaged. This transformation requires an online presence as a key facet for a multi-channel sales strategy. Ultimately
the objective is to enhance the brand and the interactions with consumers.
A key componet of the strategy is to identify the consumer completely with their desires, needs, behavior, and context. The purpose is to provide the identifi ed consumers with services, sales, and marketing activities. The individual identifi cation of consumers is imperative to create and execute tailored activities based on their personalized data.

The Challenge

Simplifying digital off erings
Providing tailored services, sales, and marketing activities based on consumer demands, desires, and context requires a clear understanding of consumer’s digital identities. Conventional technologies (cookies, etc.) have limited capabilities in this area.
As interactions with the consumer become more frequent,
requirements for individual experiences increase along with the functional demands associated with this experience.
Coincidentally, organizations may also be forced to comply to current regulations (GDPR, DSGVO, PCIDSS, HIPAA etc.).
Another challenge arises from interactions with distribution and service partners.
Issues relating to clear identifi cation of the partner’s identity and personal access to relevant data (product information, design plans, etc.) must be resolved within the context of data security and data protection. Furthermore, social media services and related data associated with consumers can have a signifi cant impact on presence and strategy and must be adapted accordingly.

The Solution

Creating a platform for comprehensive digital identity management
go:Consumer is a comprehensive, centralized solution that enables you to take a 360° approach to manage the identities of your customers and partners, taking into account the following:
  • Simplifi ed registration
  • Identity validation
  • Identity management
  • Identity deactivation
  • Secure login process
  • Adaptation of internal and external policies
  • Integration of/into the organizational processes
  • Functional integration into existing portals
  • Reporting and auditing

The Key Benefits

Simple, safe, and effective
Personalization of customer activities
  • Enhanced profiling
Enhanced data integrity
  • Reduction of data inconsistencies
Integration into existing platforms
  • Intuitive usability by end user
  • Avoidance of media discontinuities
  • Support of modern technologies
  • short, cost-efficient introductory periods

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