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User Management Out of the Box - Easy, Secure, and Effective

go:Identity makes it easier for you to introduce a central automated identity management system. It allows you to meet internal regulatory requirements and relieve the burden on your IT administrators. Step by step, standardized or customized.

The Problem

Small and midsized companies often face the same challenges as large organizations.

Tight IT budgets often hinder organizations from implementing necessary Identity and Access Management solutions. This is especially true for midsized companies. Without a tight HR integration to keep employee and organizational data synchronized and workflows to manage access, there is risk in violating compliance and legal regulations.


The Challenge

Management requirements, data protection, and audits

IT processes
How to automate standard processes with limited cost and effort?

  • New hires/transfers/terminated employees
  • Self service/help desk
  • Authorizations/passwords

How to check necessary access and audit compliance?

  • Who has which accesses and rights? Are they necessary?
  • Who authorized the access?
  • Are unnecessary rights automatically deleted?

How to ensure high quality data and services?

  • How to replace error prone and time consuming manual process steps?
  • How to eliminate media discontinuities?
  • How to achieve high data quality despite the diversity of data owners and systems?

The Solution

A complete, centralized identity management solution
go:Identity is a complete, centralized, out-of-the-box identity management solution for small and midsized organizations. go:Identity will manage identities, roles and user accounts, including permissions in any target system.
go:Identity is faster to deploy into production than most traditional Identity & Access Management solutions on the market. This includes functionality like: user provisioning and de-provisioning, role based permissions, user self-service and approval workflow to name just some of the key features that deploy quickly.


The Key Benefits

Simple, safe, and effective
Reduction of work load

  • Automation of many tasks and manual jobs

Increase security

  • Control over access and permissions
  • Reliable data for reports

Preserve data integrity

  • Reduces the error rate
  • Standardize data quality

Appliance provides rapid deployment

  • go:Identity is a preconfigured, standardized solution





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