Simulations – Turning IT Service Management and ITIL into a Vivid Experience

Our partnership with G2G3 allows us to offer you the highly interactive simulation "PoleStar ITSM". In this simulation you will learn how people, communication as such, processes and procedures as well as technology and tools affect a company's success and its critical businesses processes - all this in a very playful manner. By their dynamic approach the simulations help to propel understanding and acceptance of IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL best practices in your enterprise, to achieve positive interdepartmental communication and to get all people involved in the process on board.

The challenges addressed within the simulations include:

  • Accelerating timescales to results
  • Aligning people with strategy
  • Creating positive cultural change
  • Accelerating successful IT Governance

The simulation's unique and experience-oriented learning approach turns learning into an exciting, entertaining and memorable team experience. More about PoleStar ITSM here.


Peter Eberhardt,
Manager Education

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