Our Contribution: Identity management with increasing digitalisation

Wolfsburg, 2nd May 2017 - What are the potentials and possibilities for action resulting from increasing digital connectivity? What role does identity and access management play in it? And how can it start facilitating future business for your company?
In his contribution to the online book Future Management, Gernot Joswig, Manager of ITConcepts Automotive GmbH, elucidates how digitalisation can be used to generate new business, improve customer experience, and at the same time optimise simplicity and security.
Intrigued? The complete article can be found in the online book Future Management.

New partnership with Derdack

Bonn, 24. April 2017 – Since the beginning of the month, ITConcepts is a new partner of Derdack. The key to successfully resolving unexpected and critical IT failures is a fast and targeted response. From now on, ITConcepts will make use of Derdack's Software Enterprise Alert®. The software automates alarm processes and makes it possible to repair failures in critical IT systems up to 10x faster and from any location.

This partnership emphasises ITConcepts’ approach as a full-service provider. Derdack's Enterprise Alert® can be integrated into our customers’ solutions and gives them all the functionality of an alarm solution.

If you are interested in the benefits of this kind of integration for your company or interested in the software in general, please get in touch with us.

Consider a health check on World Health Day

Bonn, 07. April 2017 – Do your systems still meet current requirements? Where is there potential for optimisation? Where can efficiency improvements be made?

We offer you health checks in the areas of identity & access management, performance & availability, service management, and workload automation. We compare your existing system with today's demands and show you what the market offers. Following this, we give you recommendations on updates, upgrades, and optimisation possibilities. Usually a health check takes one to three days on location and ends with a concluding presentation.

Are you interested in carrying out a health check? Then feel free to contact us at SalesSupport_DE[at]itconcepts.net.

CeBIT presentation: DINGitalisierung™ – on the path to a digital future

Wolfsburg, 20. Februar 2017 – What challenges does the Internet of things (IoT) pose for my company and what does it specifically entail? In her 20-minute presentation on 21 March at 3pm, Dr Raluca Heinrichs will present the answers to these questions at the Business Security Forum.

Secure digital identities play a central role in the digital transformation – both for people as well as machines and other things: “Identity is the centre of everything”. This puts topics such as data security, authentication, and secure data access in the foreground. Interested? Then get in touch with us.

CeBIT presentation: go:Identity – the automated IDM appliance

Bonn, 16. Februar 2017 – On the topic of smart identity management, Marcus Westen will present ITConcepts’ out-of-the-box solution “go:Identity” on 22 March at 1:40pm in Hall 6 at the Business Security Forum.
Have you already asked yourself how you can realise automated IT user administration in a reasonable time frame and with justifiable costs? Then visit our presentation and take a look at our pre-configured, centralised identity management solution.

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