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Linkedin Sven Moog

Sven Moog

CEO, Managing Director

USA, Germany

Sven Moog is the founder and CEO of the successful group of fast-growing ITConcepts technology companies. From the beginning his goal was to achieve successful business development through innovation within all aspects of business systems solutions. After founding ITConcepts Professional GmbH in Germany in the year 2000, Sven continued growing the business with the establishment of ITConcepts Professional Inc. in the USA and ITConcepts Automotive GmbH in Wolfsburg, Germany. Prior to beginning his global entrepreneurship, Sven began his career with CompuNet and Boole & Babbage. It was through his direct experience as a skilled IT professional and manager that Sven learned to combine his strong  technical skills with an acute business understanding, and has since been able to apply this insight for the success of not only the ITConcepts family of companies, but for ITConcepts' clients' organizations as well.




Denis Moog

Denis Moog



As the CFO for ITConcepts, Denis Moog has been responsible for controlling, finances, HR and administration since 2001. His tenure within ITConcepts provides a solid business foundation that serves our customers, employees, and our business partners very well. Prior to ITConcepts, Denis held administrative roles within a large German company, and has been able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired there to help build and support the continuing success of ITConcepts.




LinkedinThomas Krumsdorf

Thomas Krumsdorf

CTO, Director Professional Services


Thomas Krumsdorf joined ITConcepts in 2001 and is serving as its CTO; he is also the Director of ITConcepts' professional services globally. In the years of his career prior joining ITConcepts, Thomas worked at two other large technology organizations, Boole & Babbage and BMC Software.  During those early years of his career Thomas acquired an in-depth technical knowledge and a keen understanding of the systems and network management vendor space. As a senior consultant he managed the development and implementation of complex solutions. Today, leveraging this understanding with his direct technical and business experience, Thomas helps guide ITConcepts in its drive towards maximizing customer benefit.


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