ITConcepts supports the goals of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) by proactively managing our ecological activities and environmental performance. We care not only about the environmental sustainability of our processes, but also about the proper conduct of our employees.  Our firm keeps records of all environmentally relevant activities and purchases; in this way we are working to continuously improve our environmental performance to achieve maximum environmental protection.  ITConcepts is committed to actively avoiding possible damage to the environment, and to compliance with all relevant statutory environmental regulations.

Environmental Measures at ITConcepts

  • ITConcepts is committed to uphold the legal provisions in force regarding environmental protection.
  • To reduce CO2 emissions, ITConcepts opts for video conferences and remote workstations. When travel cannot be avoided, we revert to public transportation whenever possible.
  • We avoid the use of environmentally harmful substances whenever possible, in the effort to continue to improve our environmental balance sheet.
  • During daily business activities we economize on the use of raw materials and energy, e.g. water and electricity.  We have measures in place to assist in this reduction, such as water-saver buttons, energy-saving lamps, “lights off” signs, and automatic shutdowns. Energy consumption by inactive computers is reduced through timely activation of Power Save / Idle mode
  • To reduce waste, we run a near-paperless office.

We are happy to provide you more information about our additional measures and improvements.

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