Reference data is the core of many enterprise processes such as hiring and dismissals of personnel, temporary or permanent provisioning of resources, extranet access management in conjunction with a CRM, and constitution and population of groups and project teams. Additionally, in order to increase the efficiency and Return on Investment of directory infrastructure, it is recommended that control over data changes be strengthened, validation of inputs be simplified, and updating delays be reduced. It is also essential to automate the propagation of changes throughout the entire Information System.

The COGNITUM Workflow solution manages enterprise processes around the directory infrastructure. Modeling and running the most specific business processes is made possible with the COGNITUM Workflow application, which supports parallel task execution and sub-processes as well as dynamic and contextual task assignment. The COGNITUM Workflow solution also features flexible task supervision and delegation facilities. Moreover, the application offers a graphical process design environment, the Process Designer, which can be used for process definition and administration. Finally, the Workflow application enforces strong persistence of task and process information, and a comprehensive logging and statistics module.


Workflow Features

The COGNITUM Workflow application is focused on organizational processes, i.e. people and tasks. Like other COGNITUM applications, the Workflow application relies on internal resources stored in LDAP or RDBMS data sources, making it possible to authenticate users, their roles and their responsibilities. With this information so easily accessible, it is very simple to automate organizational processes.

Generally, processes are represented by flowcharts showing tasks and transitions in a given process. The COGNITUM Workflow solution presents data this way as well, through its modeling component. The generated processes are then fully integrated into the front-end application portal and allow users to interact with the workflow system.


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