COGNITUM Architecture

The Business Challenge

Applications and the IT-infrastructure often require central data sources (directories, relational databases (RDBMS)) for exchanging and saving information, authentication and even access control.  

As a result, maintaining the quality and integrity of directory content has become a critical requirement. Still, a large percentage of directory data is usually found to be inaccurate or incomplete. The ability to cleanse, maintain and leverage directory data has been limited by the lack of accessibility, flexibility and usability of core directory services. Furthermore the creation of new interfaces to existing data whether these are User Interfaces or automated interfaces often appears to be complicated or even impossible.

Organizations must be able to implement comprehensive directory services - with secure and accurate data - to supplement or replace the more costly and less efficient mechanisms currently in use for data sharing in applications.

The COGNITUM Solution

COGNITUM is a development platform that enables the rapid design and deployment of business-oriented applications based on directories and relational databases. Highly customized and flexible applications that eliminate the programming complexities associated with accessing multiple, heterogeneous physical data sources.

COGNITUM seamlessly integrates with your information systems and provides a single platform and a comprehensive set of configurable services for all of your directory management requirements.

COGNITUM consists of several components that together deliver a visual design and runtime environment for applications accessing LDAP, RDBMS and other data sources. COGNITUM manages the complexities of physical data organization – allowing application developers to focus on business rules and the presentation layer to create effective user interfaces and applications. COGNITUM makes it easy for you to design, develop and deploy web-based directory services and applications that contribute to the increased quality and accuracy of your business critical directory content.

COGNITUM Features:

  • Visual development environment that enables rapid prototyping and iterative design facilities.
  • Simultaneous connections to multiple types of directory servers to support logical data aggregation for presentation and application use.
  • LDAP-based application components and services to quickly support secure and effective application development.
  • Open and scalable architecture based on industry standard technologies.
  • Advanced support for secure application authentication and data transmission.
  • Expandable and fully configurable multi-language dictionary for effective application localization.
  • A scheduler to launch pre-defined tasks such as report generation, web services invocation and URL triggering.

COGNITUM Architecture


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