COGNITUM – Available Applications

COGNITUM's modular architecture consists of several application packages by which the basic deployment can be expanded:

COGNITUM Applications

  • COGNITUM – modules designed to access Microsoft Active Directory, SQL and LDAP repositories and seamlessly incorporate information into COGNITUM. The Universal Agent Connector allows you to quickly and easily deliver simple secure and robust access to other target systems.
  • COGNITUM Workflow – represents a graphical process design and administration tool for creating business process workflows for presentations via a web-based interface.
  • COGNITUM OrgChart – displays dynamically created organizational charts based on the content of LDAP and/or RDBMS repositories.
  • COGNITUM Report Designer – provides a drag-and-drop visual interface for creating reports based on data located in LDAP directories and/or relational databases.
  • COGNITUM Plan Locator – dynamically displays geographic areas, people and equipment on maps and plans via a standard web browser.
  • COGNITUM Scheduler – a tool designed for scheduling specific tasks in a custom-defined time slot.
  • COGNITUM Import/Export Manager – enables global or incremental data transfer between multiple repositories and data sources. Create data transformation specifications graphically with the Import Designer.
  • COGNITUM PBX Toolkit – automates hardware and software telephony provisioning activities through Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise.


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